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why Travel with us?

Why Travel with Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd

Best Reason for travel with Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd


There might be question about the service, legal document, realibility and saftey about the mountain Air Guided Adventutres(p.)Ltd. Why travel with mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd? Follwing reason we give about the reason of the travelling with Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.

Guide own company:

Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. is the Guide own company and company owners is a Guide. since 1998 we are guide in Nepal and from a 2009, we registerd Our company . so, prices, experience and other many things definately you are more benefit. Mr. Naba Thapa have a liec. holder Guide As well as company owners. Your money directly go to the your service. He have been all the everst trek, Annapurna trek, langtang trek, dolpo trek, uppermustang trek etc.

Responsible and safety:

As a guide of nepal  and being a  guide own company after the 14 years wide ranges of the experience. There are well  trained guide team who are looking for your good  health, comfort, and food in the trekking. . In case you are sick in the mountain they provide the medicine and special management the necessary things.


of course there are multi choices of the itinerary of the trekking. we try to put you that places where you can feel newness from your own hometown. According to your suggestion we make the itinerary where you like to go . what kinds of the environment and geographical location you find suit and prefer.we respect highly your suggestion and desire. we hope you will find the great holidays in nepal and happy from our organizing teams . we like to further recommendation from your friend and relative .


we are involve the field ourself. it is our 14 years of experience of the nepalese tourism. we try to find the new route and possibility fascinating destination in nepal. we see lots of probability in nepal.  we give the great contribution of your happiness of the trek in nepal.

Response for echo tourism

we have this great mission to spread the concept of the echo tourism in nepal. As far as possible we try to control the few fuels, awareness the environmental issue. The world is our mother. we have to protect this from your consciousness and sprit.

Trekking Equipment

we can provide the necessary equipment in the trekking. good down-jacket, sleeping bag. we give the important and necessary information about that.


Either tea house trekking or camping trekking , we and our guide know the how to cook the good food for your clients. we provide the hygiene food and good food in the trekking.


we provide the Good car, and reserve the domestic plane ticket, bus ticket where is applicable in a time. we keep your  valuable time save and organize the trip in a time.

Dedicated for your service:

As we are beginning of our carrier as a guide, still a guide we dedicated good service for you. Not only this , As a responsible member of the Trekking agent association of nepal, Tourism board of nepal, mountaineering association of nepal, we are highly commitment of your service,  try to make a prestigious and reputation of our company and Guide.

Tailor made Intineary:

we give you detail informtion about trekking, if you like other way diffrent our itinerary we are also accept this. According to your vision and dream, we help  and suggest to make a itinerary. Touristic places, non touristic village Tour, Remote village, culture village.

Write us what you like to know more  beside the website.we are appreciated your Dream. our company Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. highly valued our all friends and customer , from the diffrent countries.

Budget Travel pacakge: Mountain Air Guided Adventures organized the Budget travel package in Nepal. we organize the budget travel for chitwan, pokhara, lumbini, pokhara valley etc.

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