Rafting in Nepal

1 day Rafting prices 3000 Rupees per person. For the Nepalese customer it cost Yek hajar ath saya rupaiya

rafting Nepal

Rafting Package and Cost in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is famous adventurous activity in Nepal. Most of the rafting destination are access by the bus and located in major highway in Nepal. Trisuli river rafting is very center on the way to go pokhara and chitwan just dirve 2 hours from capital city of Nepal kathmandu. Bhotekoshi river lies near the boarder of the tibet where is possible 2 to 3 days rafting. Similarly Kaligandaki river rafting near from pokhara, just dirve 60 km west from pokhara ending in the Ramdi on the way to go Palpa and lumbini. In kaligandaki there are possible 3 to 8 days rafting. Sunkoshi river start from Dolalkhat 50 km road distance from kathmandu where is possible 3 to 8 days rafting. Karnali river is western part of Nepal where is water follow or rafting grade are more.

Feel free to ask the cost of the rafting prices with us.

Trisuli River rafting-1 to 3 days

Kaligandaki River rafting-2 to 5 days

Bhotekoshi River rafting-2 to 3 days

Karnali River rafting-3 to 6 days

Sunkoshi River rafting-3 to 7 days.

Diffrent river has diffrent management of the rafting package. for the prices and cost will be diffrent according to the transporation, distance and management the equiment suh as camp fire, tent, cooking materials, vehcile. Trishuli river rafting is cheaper than other river rafting because of the easyiness and located the major highways. Please ask the up to date prices of the rafting  where you like:


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