Trekking in Nepal

7 Best and popular  trekking Nepal:

Everest base camp trekking-12 days

Annpaurna base camp trekking -10 days

Poon hill trekking -5 days

Langtang valley trkeking-7 days

Manaslu circuit trekking-12 days

Kanchenjunga base camp trekking-21 days

Tamang heritage trekking-7 days

Popular trekking Region of Nepal, trekking package cost. For the detail itiinerary and service please ask us freely. Everest base camp, Manaslu trekking, Langtang valley trekking, Kanchenjunga trekking are the popular trekking in Nepal. we manage the itinearary, cost, guide and porter.

Trekking in Nepal with best views and cultural aspects


Annapurna Region trekking days, trekking package cost(surface transport)

  • Sharankot Dhampus trekking-3 days $180 usd per person
  • Poon hill trek-5 days $350 usd per person
  • Annapurna base camp trek-8 days- $ 480 usd per person
  • Poon hill Plus Annapurna base camp trek-12 days-$720 usd per person
  • Annapurna circuit trek-16 days $960 usd
  • Annapurna circuit  plus base camp -21 days $1260 per person
Everest Region Trekking days, Trekking package cost:(fly in -fly out kathmandu)
  • Everest base camp trek-12 days , fly in lukla and fly out kathmandu $1050 usd per person.
  • Everest  Namche Bazzar trek-5 days cost $ 650 usd
  • Everest base camp and Gokyo valley trek 17 days cost $1350 usd per person
  • Everest base camp, Cho la pass and Gokyo trek 15 days cost $1200 usd per person.
  • Everest three pass trek 19 days cost $1440 usd per person
See also, Do you know Tibet in Nepal? where exotic and orginal culture more than  tibet that is the part of the mustang region of Nepal. Can you imagive the tibet outside the boundary of the Tibet? Upper mustang trekking , the best tea house trekking in Nepal in the restrication areas of the Nepal. we manage restrication areas , permit and best package for your family, freind holidays trek in Nepal.
Hirring a best trekking Guide in Nepal who helps you about the info , culture geography in Nepal. Book a trekking guide in Nepal in a cheap prices.

Major Activities in Nepal

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