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Car rental  in Nepal

Cheapest Car rental in Nepal, Hiace, Jeep, Van, coaster rental prices info and  sample itineries of tour

Cheapest car rental in Nepal, hi-ace rental, vehicle rental Nepal

Contact us: CLOAKING , +977-9851005685, for vehcile renal in Nepal to tour in Nepal
we can provide the Vehicle both on and off road. For the Muktinath tour our agency provide the tourist plate four wheel for the international travellers. In the case of the domestic travellers ,it is possible red plate number jeep from kathmandu and pokhara. It needs Timms card and Annapurna conservation entry fee (expect Nepal, india) to go muktinath even you go by vehicle.
Similry for the manaslu trekking ,to drop the Arughat or soti khola we organize the jeep and other four whee. Pick up from Dharapani after finished manaslu trekking or going to annapurna circuit trekking we have vehicle rental facility accoridng to the demand.

Our clients:

Individual clients or local people,  Tourist, NGo both private and public sector, Business Travelers, Travel companies, diplomatic mission, Project etc.

Our service:

  • Daily sightseeing and tours inside the Kathmandu valley and outside such as pokhara, chitwan, lumbini, nagarkot etc.
  • Short term or long term car rental with driver. or Hand free for business, mission  or Ngo's.
OOur Driversur Drivers:
All our drivers are friendly, experienced with many city areas. They faced many clients in city-sightseeing, Tours in Nagarkot, chitwan, pokhara,Lumbini, Bandipur, Last resort, Benshishar,jiri, etc. They also speak general English and hindi and Nepalese mother tongue.
Also, our driver know the road condition very well plus unpaved road  Beni to muktinath, Benshishar to Chame etc.

Our mission:
Making your trip enjoyable in every parts of Nepal on time!

Capacity of the Vehicle:

Car----------------------------------------------------------4-5 People with driver
Van-----------------------------------------------------------6-7People with driver
Jeep-----------------------------------------------------------6-7 People with driver
Haice-----------------------------------------------------------10-12 people with driver
Minibus----------------------------------------------------------25people with driver
Coaster----------------------------------------------------------18-20 people with driver
Tourist Bus-----------------------------------------------------35-40people with driver
Land Cruiser or Pajero--------------------------------------4-5people with driver

Most Clients  car rental  for sightseeing in Kathmandu world heritage site such as Patan, Bhaktapur, Swambhunath stupa, Boudhnath stupa, Kathmandu Durbar square, Pashupati temple, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Namobuddha etc.

Outside the kathmandu valley  most of our clients hring a car for pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini,, Gorkha, Bandipuar, Daman.

Car rental in nepal, we provide you see the beautiful scenic tour in Eastern part of nepal, western part of nepal and scenic hill station in mountain rides , from where you have ample oppourtanity  to observe the awesome himelayan grandeur. we manage the car rental in nepal as you need distance  and places. not only from kathmandu we mange the car rental but also from a pokhara and other towns of nepal. pick up you any entry point of the nepal our car come to pick up you, we give you the realiable car rental service in nepal for your facility and service.Car rental in Nepal, cheap car rental in Nepal

Our agency ,mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. managed the car rental service in kathmandu, bus ticket , private car service to chitwan, vehicle service to Nagarkot, vehicle service from kathmandu to pokhara, vehicle to  sightseeing in kahtmandu valley and others.Affordable car rental , comfort, luxiures, reliable service for the vechicle service for your required and happy tour , many travellers highly recomended our car rental service in nepal.. we have diffrent model of the car for the diffrent places of the Nepal tour, nepal safari, sunrise views, sunset views. Depend upon your time and budget we can manage the car rental service in nepal.

For the Kathmandu valley sightseeing , we give you authentic prices for the car rental from our agency. Our agency joined you the touristic most visited network pokhara, lumbini, chitwan, palpa, gorkha, Daman by the car, bus or any kind of the vechicle in a cheap prices. if you are going to trekking , to the starting point of the trekking we drop you by our car. suppose  going to the Annapurna circuit trekking we drop you the Benshishar to Bhulbhule, to go to the jiri to Everst trek, it is needed to drop you in Jiri. Even you got to the domestic and international flight we provide you the comfort and cheap car in nepal.

Are you thinking of renting a car in Nepal? If yes, you are in right place. We provide car, van, Toyota Hiace, Jeep, Land Cruiser, 4WD, Mini Bus, Coaster rental services in reasonable price throughout Nepal.all kinds of the vechicle we can arrange. Cheap car and vehcile service in nepal. Mountain Air Guided adventures arrangement all types of the car, van, hiace, minibus, coaster for the  hiring all  over the Nepal. No,problem you can hire yourself and drive as well as.

Car rental  major destination:

  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley, world heritage site
  • Kathmandu to Nagarkot overnight stay or day tours
  • Kathmandu to chitwan for Jungle safari
  • Kathmandu to pokahra for tours
  • kathmandu to Last resort for bungy jumping or rafting
  • Kathmandu to Mankamana temple
  • Kathmandu-pokahra-muktinath temple
Car rental for home stay tour Nepal:

Car rental for sirubari village tour: Actually sirubari village there is off road so, we suggest you hire a landcruiser and other four wheel driving. Sirubari is the first home stay tour in Nepal.

Car rental for Ghale gaon home stay tour: Car can access to the Benshiar and khudi , then from khudi have to walk 5-6 hours on foot.

Car rental for Barpak home stay tour: we can  give hiring a car, hiace, jeep for the Barpak home stay tour in a cheap price.
Car rental for Bathali village: we provide the car all the  scenic point near the kathmandu areas.

Sample Itinerary of the Car/van/Hiace Rental in Nepal:

1. Arrive in Nepal and stay in the Hotel

2. Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur then Nargarkot for sunset view in Evening

3. Early in the morning sunrise view , after breakfast drive to Dhulikhel

4. Dhulikhel to Pokhara

5. Pokhara sightseeing, Early in the morning sharnakot.

6. Pokhara to chitwan.

7. chitwan to kathmandu.

Please contact us for reliable, warranted, and comfortable services.

Vehicle Rental Charges

Our car rental office in Nepal managed you the Hiace, car, coaster, Toyota car, corolla etc. Even you are any parts of the world you can call us : +977-9851005685
pokhara to muktinath you can go by jeep, which help to photography in Kaligandaki valley. This time most of the Annapurna  trekking can access by the Jeep, land crusier, Hiace. if you like to go hot spring in Tatopani, from kathmandu and pokhara you can rent a Hiace, car, jeep according to the group size. Any king of the trekking point of Nepal there are facility to the bus, car, coaster, van. so, when the begining the trip we have facility to drop you that concerning point by our Car in Nepal. similarly  after finished the trip of Nepal we have facility to pick up you. for example, Annapurna circuit trekking point of the starting is basically from Benshishar, then after finished the trip pick up you from the beni or the Nayapu. similarly in the Everst trek if you go from from the jiri  you have facility to drop in the jiri and pick up from the airport.
Similrly overland trip in Nepal, you can go choiceable vehicle here in our company in Nepal. Pokhara to lumbini tour, pokhra valley sightseeing, Sharnakot Paragliding point  we can visit by renting the car, jeep in Nepal. Bindhayabasinee temple which is famous hindus temple in pokhara, Devid's falls water drain out falls of the phewa lake  very popular tourist destination in Pokhara. Tibetan refugee camp, seti river gorges are other extra beauties of the sightseeing in the pokhara valley Nepal.
Kathmandu very popular for the world heritage site and cultural secnrio of the Newari carft, culture and many worth sightseeing places. Patan Durbar square, Bhaktapur Durar square, Kathmandu
Durbar square one of the ancient pillar in kathmandu valley.we can pick up you from any boader side of Nepal such as sunali, silguri or Birgunj.

Hiace rental in Nepal

Nepal car rental service, vehicle rental service, kathmandu to pokhara by car, kathmandu to daman by jip, pokhara to muktinath by fourwhell drive, kathmandu to sabrubenshi by land cruser, Kathamndu to Nagarkot by bus, jip, van, kathamndu to Lumbini by jip, car, van, pokhara to lumbini by van, kathmandu to jiri by private car, kathamndu to daman by car, Airport drop from the thamel, thamel to airport by car, TIA to Thamel by private car, Airport to Thame, hotel by jip, van car we provide.

we also provide the motorbike royal enfield, pulsar and bicycle for the tour in road access village Nepal.

News of the vehcile: Mustang max vehcile ride by prime ministar of Nepal. Same vehcile you can get when jomsom-muktinath tours

Book the VehicleCheap car rental in Nepal

Note: We can tailor and Customized the itinery according to your time frame holidays as well as upgrade and downgrade the Hotel based upon your budget.
Definately you will get the best prices after inquiry .As we involved this job since 1999, we know the world economy and condition of the budget. Feel free to share with us, we are  flexible and compromise the prices, like a family members and friend.
Price of This Trip
What Factor make Diffrent prices of the same Trip ?
Types of the Hotel and room varities
Choosing the mode of the Transportation
Depend upon the number of the field staff
Individual or Group Travelling
Demanding more  Extra Service

Note: We can tailor and Customized the itinery according to your time frame holidays as well as upgrade and downgrade the Hotel based upon your budget.

Definately you will get the best prices after .As we involved this job since 1999, we know the world economy and condition of the budget. Feel free to share with us, we are  flexible and compromise the prices, like a family members and friend.

For more information and model of the car rental in Nepal, you can look our blog.


We show you car and that is your choice which one you like also when car rental in Nepal, at that time we describe the road condition and good car for hiring. You ask us, we heard you  then  set a tour by car all over the Nepal in a free mentality.

Our Car rental service Nepal provide you the diffrent kinds and brand of the vehicle for the long term and short time. we have a AC car, Non Ac car as well as. According to the Vehicle in Nepal, there are diffrent accomodate capacity which you shortly inform in a point.

  • Car: It is the capacity 04 people include the driver. Even you can add one people, in short term car rental in Nepal. such as airport pick up, drop.
  • Van: Van occupy the 06 people including the driver.
  • Haice : Haice rental in Nepal best for the 10 people including the driver.
  • Minibus: Minibus rental service in Nepal for the 25 people including the Minibus driver Nepal.
  • Coaster: Coaster hire service Nepal if you are 17 people , including driver it is better for 18 pax, for comfortable coaster rental  for airport pick up , tour in Nepal.
  • Sutlej Bus: if you are tour leader or tour company we have facility for the sutlej bus if you have people more than 35. Any tour company in the world, can contact us if big bus or sutlej bus needed in a cheap price in Nepal. Sutlej bus  hiring company Nepal help your demand.
  • Landcruiser-landcruiser hiring service in Nepal for your delux travel, city tour in Nepal, it is for the 04 people including the landcruiser driver.
  • Pajero or pardo hiring: Pajero , pardo hiring in Nepal , which have 04 accommate capacity include the driver.

Car Rental in Nagarkot Route

Half day Bhaktapur Route to Changunarayan, Car rental-

Half Day Nagarkot (only), car rental Nepal

Half Day Nagarkot Tower car rental

Costal Hire in Nepal

Half Day Nagrkot, Bhaktapur(only) sightseeing, rental a car

Car hireing in Nepalgunj, Bardia, Dhanggadi Rout

Ktm-Nepalgunj o/N-

Ktm-Dang o/N to return

Ktm-Bardia National park 1 O/n return-

Ktm-Mahendra o/N to return-

Optional Activities

If you have any curiosity about car , hiace, Jeep rental in Nepal , just let us know by phone or email, we can also talk thourgh skype as well as.

Car rental cost in Nepal: Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley it cost Rs 2500 Rupees, Kathmandu to Bhaktapur and sightseeing around the Durbar square, traditional village Rs. 1700 Rupees. car rental cost to nagarkot drop Rs 2200. Kathmandu to pokhara car rental drop prices only 9000.

Car rental in Nepal

Price of This Trip

Car rental facility for the five star hotel's Guest:
Most of the Customer from the five star hotel coming convention, business, short trip. in our experience customer from the five star hotel hiring a car for the mountain flight , sightseeing in kathmandu, pokhara, Gorkha etc. following are the popular 5 star hotel we are regualr business from their Guest.
Car rental customer of the Gokarana forest resort:
Gokarna forest resort are little bit far from the touristic hub of thamel but near from the Boudha Nath stupa. we provide the car for the Guest of the Gokarna forest resort. From our car rental office to there even little bit far we have drop and pick up facility there in a reasonable prices.

Car rental customer from the Everest Hotel : Many times customer from the Everest hotel phone us full day sightseeing in katmandu valley, pokhara tour, chitwan, lumbini etc. we are just 5 km for from the Everest hotel.
Car rental customer from the Hytt regency Kathmandu: Hytt regency customer are our regular customer for the car rental in Nepal. Just our office is 7 km form there still we success to give a reliable service for the vehicle rental. Hytt regency is at  Near the Boudha Nath stupa and pashupatinath temple.
Car rental customer from Solatee crown plazza: we are just 3 km by the location. Most of the customer like direclty called if they are in Nepal and need a car. more than 10 times , we provide the vehicle for the customer of the Solatee crown Plazza.

Car rental customer from the hotel Radission Kathmandu:For the hotel Radission customer we provide the car rental facility. still we have no oppourtanity to provide the car rental service for that hotel customer. we  hope we get a chance to give a car rental service for those stay in the Hotel Radission kathmandu. Hotel radission and our car rental office are very near just 2 km by distance.
Car rental customer from the Hotel Malla: Malla hotel and our car rental office are just 5 minutes in a distance. we have grand oppourtantiy 3 time car rental business from there. we hope , again we have same chance from the customer or guest of the Hotel malla. we have also pick up and drop facility for the casino customer for the malla hotel.

Car rental customer from the Hotel sangrilla Kathmandu: we have drop and pick up facility for the casino and other guest for the sangrilla hotel kathamndu. just we are 4 km in a distance. Also many times we give affordable car rental service for the guest of the Hotel sangrilla kathmandu.
Kathmandu to pokhara night bus has a lots of diffrent choices of the Bus. Book Ac to Super deluxe night Bus to Pokhara for easy and comfort nights suffer to pokhara.

Major Activities in Nepal

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