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Hotel soaltee crown Plazza

Hotel soaltee crown Plazza

Hotel soaltee crown Plazza situated near the Swambhunath stupa and vegetable market. It is the resort type of the Hotel suitable for both business type of people and leisure tourist. There are many amenties in the Hotel  special vehcile chauffer. It is spread the 11 acres of the land space and surrounded by the Garden. In the Hotel there are world 5 categores of the restaurent. Hotel arranges all the transporation facility.

Soaltee Crowne Plaza 's TARIFF

Room Type Single & Double
Superior Room (Single) USD 180 + Tax
Superior Room (Double) USD 190 + Tax
Club Shangri-La Rooms USD 250 + Tax
Deluxe Room -
Room Type Single & Double
Deluxe Room (single) USD 200 + Tax
Deluxe Room Double USD 210 + Tax
Extra Bed USD 35 + Tax
Room Type Single & Double
Crowne Plaza Club USD 260 + Tax
Executive Suite USD 400 + Tax
Regal Suite USD 800 + Tax
Gosainkunda USD 900 + Tax
Extra Bed USD 35 + Tax
Single Room USD 140 + Tax
Double Room USD 150 + Tax
Extra Bed USD
Breakfast USD 10 + Tax
Lunch USD 18 + Tax
Dinner USD 18 + Tax

* All the above rates are exclusive of 10 % service charge and 13 % government taxes
* The above rates are subject to change without prior notice.
* All major credit cards are accepted - Visa Card, Master Card and American Express.

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Cheap hostel in Nepal


It is natural diffrent family even same  group have some diffrent behaviour  and manner. if you jump and look the diffrent grop diffrently you know much more. Reading things or hearing things is diffrent than reality. one is find newness with new family . varities is the specices of the life, similarly  staying with locals have unique taste. In the world  , any city have many hotels, guest house etc. this is all professional way. if you turn your mentality  and joining with locals stories and felling will be diffrent.Nepal is the country of the mount. Everest  to give its identity. sociology, culturally , economically, geographically , home stay creates the new ideas and prespective.

In a reality staying in a hotel  you donot know much as  family home stay in Nepal. if you looking for more comfort  you can back to the hotel after home staying in Nepal. home stay in Nepal, a grand chances to explore, research Nepalse culture and life. Nepal is one of the riches culture in the world. They have a diffrent ethnic group definately have a vaires life style. Himalayan region, hilly region and terai region is the most significant geographical category in Nepal. Home stay give the direct knowledge and mention the more than a reading a book. so, we say home stay in Nepal is the open book for the anthroplogy of Nepal. This time opeining many home stay trekking in Nepal. Manasu is the one of the brilliant example of the home stay trekking in Nepal. either east part of Nepal or west part of the Nepal it is more benefit reserch culutre for the fresh knowledge by the home stay in Nepal. lets book the mountians home  where we teaches you the  Nepalese launguage. host family meniotn the popular sightseeing places around there locality.

you see where the home stay family sleep, what can of the mattress by the staying with local family. similarly , you can the per capita income, their cooking style, respect manner. since birth to date what kinds of the rituals  and ceremoney they have knowing  by the staying with them. Moring what they eat in their breakfast, how they cook  you can see face to face. one more strong  point is  Nepal is that country where people are naturally hospitable. "Athi Devo bhaba" Guest is like a God. specially in the night time if somebody come , they treat as a God traditionally and classically thoughts.

in other words home stay in Nepal is  Alternative way for the lifestyle when travelling in Nepal will be possible by Booking  a home stay in Nepal. Mountains  home  is running by the home stay family in Nepal kathmandu. Home stay in Nepal give you the best ideas of the explore the Nepalese culture by giving face to face and eyewitness experience.  lets book home stay in Nepal for  grab  the opportunity  to study the Nepalese life style. After home stay again you can come back hotel with helps to clear picture of the Nepal living ideas.

manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.

There are many hotels in kathmandu, you can stay there but If you like to stay more night in Kathmandu , we give the faciluty Room rental in Kathmandu. It saves money and great chances to learn Nepali culture with the Nepalese family. Rent a cheap price room for your longer staying in Kathmandu. some people like alternative staying with the lcoal , so it help to reserch life , foods and reality of Nepal. Beside the  Hotel room booking we have facilty room rental in Kathamndu Nepal. we give both long and short term room and flat rental service in Kathmandu Nepal.



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