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Trekking in Nepal

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Trekking in Nepal according to the geography, distance, acceness, facility and  style of the living,fooding ,mainly categorizes two types. Nepal is reknown in the world Himalayan kingdom and land of the mount. Everest. Because of the three geographical character Himalayan region, Hilly region and terai region Nepal is one of the popular trekking and touristic destiantoin in the world.

Tea house trekking:

Everest Trekking- Everest base camp trekking, Gokyo valley,Everest three passes treks.Namche Bazzar trek(5 days)

Annapurna trekking- Annapurna circuit, Annapurna base camp trekking, Ghorepani poon hill trekking, Jomsom muktinath trekking.

Langtang trekking-Langtang valley trek, langtang Gosaikunda trekking, Langtang helambu treks.

Manaslu trekking-Latest popular tea house trekking before it was fully camping trekking still many group we see camping. within 12 to 15 days can finished manaslu trekking. permit of the manaslu trekking issued only from trekking agency Nepal.

Kanchenjunga trekking-Basic tea house trekking eventhough recommendation Tent.

Upper mustang trekking-It can be done both tea house and camping

Tea house trekking mean, there are small lodge and facility of the normal food in the mountain and Himalayan valley trekking in Nepal.  For your taste you can carry some dry foods what you like and interest. In the high season trekking in Nepal just you carry  your sleeping bag or other materials. Langtang,Annapurna, Everest trekking are categorized as the popular tea house trekking in Nepal. In Nepal there are 2 third of the tourist coming in the Annapurna region, it score the  second position trekkers in Nepal. Similarly , in the Everest trekking region preserve its places first the quantity of the trekkers. Third number reputation success to taken by the langtang trekking where are langtnag valley , Gosaikunda trekking are very popular. For the timms and permit for this half organized type of the trekking , you can get government liec. Holder trekking agency in Kathmandu. There are number of English and other language government liec. Holder guide in Nepal, you can get the more information that is more than a book. Even in the tea house trekking, if you like to sleep in a tent , you can carry this, porter  will handle this. This is mostly applied in the new tea house trekking such as Kanchenjunga, upper mustang, manaslu  for e.g.Manaslu trekking

b)Camping trekking:

Every tea house trekking can be organized as camping trekking but every camping trekking couldonot organized as tea house treking.

Remote Himalayan region of Nepal where is splendid potentiality of the culture, ethnic group, custom but not access road  that places must organized Camping trekking. Trekking in Gaurishankar, Arun valley, Makalu base camp, upper dolpo, there is no basic tea house and lodging facility and obliged to hire the large number of the porter guide, kitchen item, guide Sridhar, foods etc.Even tea house trekking, one can do camping. Some areas of the trekking no tea house , just that places have complusion the camping trekking. Optional and complusion for the camping depend upon  tea house quality, remoteness and accessibility.

Type of Trekking
Trekking permit

Major Trekking areas in Nepal

Manaslu trekking: 12 to 15 days

Manaslu trekking undoutely very excellent views and ethnic group in Nepal and provide the unspoiled and pristine culture. If you like to see the natural and cultural heritage in Nepal, manaslu trekking in Nepal provide you the best facility in Nepal and this trekking will be your choices. from lower to upper part of the manaslu there are geographically spectacular , culturally fascinating.  In the samagaon , samdo there are interesting Tibetan village  that look medieval.

Manaslu diverse culture  and landscape makes your sensational beauties  and glories of Nepal. Some part of the manaslu you will find the challenging along the Budhi gandaki valley. From lower, middle and upper part of the manaslu there are diverse culture and scene. Unspoiled lifestyle you find the areas which is bordering with Tibet.more scenic and culturally interesting treks Manaslu pure your sprit and soul also physical fitness.

Upper part of the Budhi Gandaki there one of the unique  and culturally pure group called Nupri who is directly descendants of the Tibetan immigrants. Their speech, culture, dress are almost same as people of the Tibet. So, we say that area called the mini  Tibet.As a neighboring village of Tibet and larkya there are continuous traditional business and chinease government co-operate for this. En route of the Manaslu there are many tributary  brooks mixing in the Budhigandaki river, waterfalls, rocky and grassy mountain and terrace field and village of the local people.

Manaslu trekking starting from Arught, but you can start from the Arkhet due to the facility of the bus and ending in the Dharapani. If you have time and interest you can do the Annapurna circuit trekking as well as.

Upper mustang trekking: 12 to 15 days

Nepal is a country without a king but upper mustang part specially in the lomangthang there  are exceptionally the regional king. Due to the Tibet connecting and migrated Tibetan people, it was banned till 1992 for the foreign people. Now government of Nepal make a policy expensive permit for the upper mustang to preserve the unspoiled and pristine culture. Trans Himalayan part of the Anapurna and Dhulagiri Himalayan ranges upper mustang area trekking located. Mainly Bhotia and loba communities in the parts of the upper mustang trekking who practiced the sakypa school of Tibetan Buddhism. Major characteristic of the upper mustang trekking is the Ancient Tibetan village, Rare medieval Buddhist arts, unique  beautiful of the Himalayan desert Geographically there are eroded canyons, unique stratified rock formation and windy and arid valleys. Houses of the upper mustang made from stone and sun baked mud bricks. Walled complex houses and monasteries medieval and unique local architecture. The trail north of the kagbeni leads to the upper mustang tekking.

Upper mustang trek

You can fly form pokhara to jomsom then continuous to the Kagbeni where is trekking check point of the upper mustang. Then you follow your 9-12 days itinerary smoothly. All the festival which they celebrated are the based on ancient Buddhist religion and Tiji festival are the biggest festival in the upper mustang. Main occupations of the local people are agriculture, husbandry and tourism . They grow potatoes, barley and buckwheat. Small tea houses and lodge they make for the local income by the tourism. Sheep, lamb , yak they keep for  their livelihood

Dolpo Trekking: 20 Days  ++

Dolpo trekking in the  mid western Nepal categorized the restriction area of Nepal for the mass number of the trekkers to preserve  its pristine culture, custom, tradition. Mainly the Tibetan inhabitants we experienced when visit the dolpo trekking in Nepal. It is the only one national park beyond the trans Himalayan part of the Nepal. There are upper part and lower part of the dolpo trekking, which is also called the inner dolpo and outer dolpo. In the views of the cultural and natural beauties inner part dolpo or upper dolpo is very valuable. Shey Gomba is the11 the century monastery, life is not so much changed since the monastery  is built. There are high alpine pasture yak grazing places, ancient bonpo culture are the main significant things in the dolpo trekking. Shey phoksundo lake which is deep lake and isolated village , monastery are the figure of the dolpo trekking.

Caravan film directed by the Eric valley which helps the introduction dolpa rest of the world. Local people depend upon their livelihood farming, yak sheep keeping, locally collected medical herbs  contribute the income of the dolpo’s people. Most of the trekking routes passing through the wilderness area, ancient sparse  village  and Yak pasture. Mainly the serene turquoise lake of phoksundo and 11th century Shey monastery , 4000 mt. above people settlement are the main  remarkable things of the dolpo trekking

Kanchenjunga trekking: 18 to 21 Days

Kanchenjunga trekking area extended eastern  side of the  Indian boarder which is the common mountains both India and Nepal. But most of the trekking parts are situated from the Nepal side. You can do 17 to 21 kanchenjunga region trekking and multiple choice point for the starting the trekking. Taplejung or B

Kanchenjunga trek Nepal

asanaur are the choices point of the Kanchenjunga base camp trekking. Ghunsa is the last village in the trekking of the Kanchenjunga.It is quite trekking and excellent for the honeymoon trip, naturalist and trekking lovers.

People of the Ghunsa made a small tea shop in Khambachen , lhonak and Kanchenjunga base camp. It takes 3 days more to reach  in the base camp of the Kanchenjunga base camp from the Ghunsa. When you come back it is the rest day to pass the sele le and mirgala passes. Team of the Kanchenjunga expedition beginning the from the oktung side. Actually Lhonak is the Vantage point  to see Kanchenjunga ranges and other neighboring mountain peak of the Kanchenjunga region. Before the road made in the headquarters of the Taplejung people of the Ghunsa and Amphudhin have a daily exchange and transport the grains with the potatoes of the Ghunsa. They make a rest house(Dharmasala in the sele le pass to make easy  for the villagers. Now there is very basic lodges for the dhal bhat and sleeping. In the cheram there are lodges which is open in the big tourists seasonotherwise have to inform them by phone call because they stay in the Amphudhin. Any way Kanchenjunga trekking makes you far from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life

Everest base camp trek: 12 to 14 days

Due to the highest mountain bottom or starting point of Everest expedition, Everest base camp trekking very popular since many decade. Other mountain’s view point very close up from there are significantly spectacular , so this trekking very famous in the world. Sherpa Buddhist monastery, Sherpa settlement, market of the local sherpas and lots of hotel facility we can get in the Everest trekking in Nepal. Going up from lukla to Everest base camp it take 8 days time and come back took a 4 days to lukla. Minimum basic time to do the Everest base camp trekking take a 13 days. We further recommendation some extra days in case flight delayed or cancelled.

Namche Bazzar, Tanbouche, Panbouche are the popular village on the way to the base camp of the Everest.While khumjung, kunde, thame are the off way  village from the main route of the Everest base camp trekking. Close up view point of the mt. Everest mainly from the Namche Bazzar, Tanbouche, panbouche. Due to protected by the Everest national park  you can see many flora and fauna on the route of the Everest base camp trekking. Mountain goat or himlayan thar, musk deer, snow leopard the frequently seen animal on the way of the  Everest trekking. Thame, khumjung, Chukung Ri, Kalapather are the major excursion point of the trekking in Everest.

If you are physically fit one can reach Everest base camp directly from lobouche. It takes 2 hours from the Gorakshep , then next day morning better to go Kalapather to catch a first sunrise over the summit of the mt. Everest and other panoramic mountain ranges of the Everest.

Everest trek

Langtnag Region trekking in Nepal-7 to 15 days

It is the best places and quite trekking in Nepal even less advertise in media than Annapurna and Everest region trekking. Our expert guide report us  that many travelers who already been to another parts of the trekking region , they equally give the reaction about the beauties of the langtang region and  experience trekkers further asked-why langtang region have a less touristic, they feel it is best as well, it is no dout to say langtang is the best secret trekking destination in Nepal. Unique and pristine culture of the tamang people and majestic langtang Himalayan ranges made that areas potentiality of both cultural as well as Natural tourism in this region. Main starting point of the langtang region is sabrubenshi. Langtang region trekking is very flexible  where you can join the gosaikunda  and helambu. If you like to back from gosaikunda to dhunche you can do. Langtang region covers the areas like Kathmandu, syabrubensi, Langtang village, Kynjing gomba, Gosaikunda, helambu region.

Main  Mountain views from the langtang  region are: Langtang lirung(7246m), Ganchhenpo(6388m), Cenpogang(7083 m), Dorje Lakpa(69990m

Tsum Valley: 19 Days

Tsum valley need both Manaslu and tsum valley permit. Tsum valley preserve its aura of the untouchbility  and purity since a decade. Recently introduction this unique natural heritage , opening this trekking area , now a days popular as the Tsum  Valley trekking. Serene himal, Ganesh Himal and manaslu himala range are the more majestic view aare seen there. On the background of this , Tsum valley stay in a serene and calm form. On the way there are printed the Mani walls Tibetan mantra and hanging the Buddhist flag. Due to the remote and inaccessibility this area get a unique identity in the eyes of the travelers. Tsum come from the Tibetan words, that means ‘tosombo’ which means the vivid. Local people said this valley ‘tsum ko chuksum’which means the thirteen provinces ruled as a single territory. The ancient remain of the Tsum kingdom are still  there. It is believed that Buddhit sainta milerapa mediation in the cave of the Tsum Valley.

Annapurna base camp trek: 10 to 12 days

Annapurna base camp trekking one of the destination of the Nepal trekking , which will be substitutes the passion of the base camp of Nepal. You can see the unparallel views of the mountain horizon and towering like a skyscrapers and gardener. There are changing landscape and misty forest are highlighted in the Annapurna trekking Nepal.  Dramatic views of the Annapurna and fishtail one the way  to the base camp  and surrounded the spectacular Annapurna and other neighboring mountain. There are three different option to go to the Annapurna base camp trekking here we mention of  this. Mid-hills cultural areas inhabited by gurung, magar, Brahmin, and khettri castes.

Jiri to Everest base camp trekking: 19 days( trekking and fly out from Lukla)

Jiri to Everest base camp trekking most spectacular trekking where you can see the stunning people and himalaya at the lower Everest region. Starting from the jiri and ending at lukla after visiting the Everest base camp  and Kalapather trekking . you see the green valleys, jungle , Himalayan views, trail codition and local people. This is challenging trekking route because of the up and downs trail on the way. Beside the mountain view you can see the naturally hospitable people Sherpa and can interact with them. You can meet the local agriculture life and porter  who carry the food and other ingredient however helicopter and domestic plne carry most of the daily using things in the lukla airport. Between lukla and Jiri trail section there are challenging passing Lamjura, Ringmo. Similarly the mountain climber village junbenshi, Takshundo, Kharikhola, Nunthala and small tea house lodges are fascinating and recognized the Nepal

Poon HIll Trekking: 4-5 Days

Best short trekking within 4-5 days you can see the all  Annapurna ranges from Poon HIll view point. you will familar with the local ethnic group, geography and glance of the attitude of the Nepalese life.

Home stay Trekking: if you like to trekking non touristic area and eating, living , sleeping as a rural Nepalese way, you can do the Home stay trekking with Nepalese guide anywhere in Nepal according to the trekking agency suggestion and experience guide.

Newly opening trekking route base upon the family home in Nepal

For the Itinerary, price and detail informaiton about trekking in Nepal , you can ask freely by email and phone, we are ready to answer.



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