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Manaslu trek cost(what is the trek budget of manaslu )

Manaslu trek cost

There might be different prices quoted  by the different agency for the same types of the trip of the manaslu trekking. We give the tips for the trekkers about the price of the manaslu trek.Price will be different depends on number of customer, style of trekking(Camping or tea house) and quality of the guide. Customer believe big price will be unique and big service. I cannot believe totally this idea. Price will be different number of field staff you are hiring and extra fruits serving service. Even tea house trekking there will be extra fuel and tea coffee making service. That cases prices will be different. In the cases of just hiring guide and porter it is your choice what you like eat but guide can advice you best food and best place. Hiring guide and only porter from us possible without package trip of the manaslu trekking. How we calculation the price without package the manaslu trek cost find the reasonable.we give the bewst tip for the best manaslu trek cost by the inquiry one more manaslu trek agency. Manaslu package trek cost and unpackage trek cost will be the diffrent and some trekkers just hire a guide and buy a permit of the manaslu then they paid invidual. Manaslu trek cost depend on the style of the Manaslu trek. how to get manaslu permit , what is the cost of the permit and what document is the full for the whole manaslu trek will be the basic knowledge for the Manaslu trekkers.

Cost of Manaslu trek depend upon itinerary, Package trip. we can manage the manaslu trek without package. It need a Guide daily cost, paying the service charge to make a Manaslu restrication permit plus Goverment tax and Vat.

Cost of the Manaslu conservation area fee $20 usd

Cost of the Restriction of manaslu trekking $70 usd in Autumn and $50 usd in spring season.

Annapurna conservation  entry fee $20 usd(After passing larkya la Annapurna area coming, so it is essential to take a ACAp(Entry fee)

Timms card $20 usd(it  was no necessary before but new rule by the tourism from last year essential the Timms card)

Just for the permit and documentation of the manaslu trekking it is $130 usd per person. Without package guide cost $30 usd per day. If you are more than two people or any group you can sharing the guide prices.

After issue the restriction permit  we have to pay the tax,vat to the Government of Nepal. So, without package just hiring a guide and buy a permit service charge for the restriction permit making per person  $70 usd.

So, in a two person manaslu trekking without package and just  hiring guide and porter.

Guide charge per person $15 per person($30 usd for two people or more than two)

Guide Charge  per person in 12 days manaslu trekking -$225 usd

We already calculation the permit cost per person -130 usd

Service Charge to make a restriction fee-70

So, 12 days manaslu trekking with guide, permit and service charge per person-$425 usd.

Timms Card $20 usd per person. This is the new rules and system need a timms card even it tis restrication areas.

If you like to extend the days just you pay the Guide wages $30 usd per day. This price calculation of manaslu trekking no included the transportation charge. Transportation will be sharing basic or you

manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal




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