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Everest trek, one of the pieces of the heaven on the earth by the spectacular mountain ranges of the mt. EverestEverest Trek

Fact of the Everest trek Nepal:

Popular trekking-Lukla to Everest base camp, Jiri to Everest base camp, Gokyo valley trek, Everest three pass trekking

Trekking days-5 to 25(depend)

Areas-Everest National park

Entry fee-Rs. 3000

Permit: Timms card

Transporation-Domestic flight, Bus car etc.

Trekking agency:

Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.

P.O.Box: 12597, cell:+977-9851005685

Thamel, kathmandu Nepal.

Why Everest trekking with us?

Professional staff

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How i book the Everest trekking?

You can book the Everest trekking by online or face to face visit our agency in kathmandu.

Why Everest trekking?

Trekking to the base camp of the Everest

Listed as the world top travel destination

Experience the everest region

Everest trek-mountain Air Guided Adventures well organized the Everest trek, Everest trekking according to the time of the trekkers. we give effective suggestion about Everest  long and short trek itinerary in a flexible way to fullfill your dream to be there and explore the life and views of eastern himalayas of Nepal. Everest trekking very popular in the world due to the fantastic conqured and amazing mysterious culture, so that it is listed by the Lonely planet, Trip advisior and Natinal geography as a world top travel destination.trekking in Everest very famous in the worldwide to explore the sherpa culture, Everest beautiful sunrise ranges and glorious classical history of that areas where is still many things remaining to discover.


For the whole Everest base camp trekking, it is needed two kinds of the permit. Everest National park fee cost Rs. 3000 NPR per person. Timms card cost $10 for group trekkers(who joined the trekking agency in kathmandu). How many days, you visit everest trekking permit work with same prices. Timms card you have to make in Kathmandu while Everest national park fee have facility to pay on the trail of the Everest. Monju is the first places to check Everest trekking permit where you can pay entry fee of the Everest. Jorsallae is the second Everest permit cheking places by the security forces of the National park. Similarly Namche bazar and punki Thanga are another checking point of the Everest trek.

If you start your trekking from Jiri there is needed another extra permit of the Gaurishankar conservation areas cost Rs. 2000 NPR.


Cost of the of the Everest trekking depend upon the how many days trekking. Entire Everest region if you do trekking can finished within 30 days. Even there are many significant point , view point in the Everst base camp trekking, Everest base camp trekking more attraction the world.

Everest base camp trekking package for 12 days $1050 per person

Jiri to Everest base camp 16 days cost $1350 per person

Popular Everest trek

  • Everest base camp trek-12 days itinerary from Lukla(fly in Lukla) and 20  days itinerary from Jiri (Fly out from Lukla)
  • Gokyo Valley trek-10 days trek from lukla and 16 days from Jiri(Fly out from Lukla to Kathmandu)

Starting point of the Everest trek:
  • From Lukla-By flight from Kathmandu and Fly out to kathmandu via Lukla
  • From Jiri-Kathmandu to Jiri  by bus after fnished trekking ,fly out from Lukla
Adventurous  and Popular Three  pass in Everest trek
  • Cho la pass- Helps short cut connection Gokyo valley to Everest base camp or Everest base camp to Gokyo valley.
  • Renjo la pass-Next to the Gokyo valley to go down Thame and Namche Bazzar
  • Khambala pass- Trekking From Chukung valley to the lobouche , for the adventurous trekkers
  • Khamba la , Cho la pass, Renjo la pass now categorized the Three passes  popular Everest trek. All Everest trek will finished after complete these three passes in Everest region.

Everest trek take you one of the paradise on the earth from where you can observe the panoromic mountain fantastic views above the 4000 m. height. There are multiple choices to do the Everest trek according to your time, intrest and budget. To see the close up views of the mount. Everest you can just go to the Namche Bazzar that take only 4 days up and down round trip. Everest base camp trek, Gokyo valley trek are the major trekking destination in the Everest treks in Nepal. For the adventurous trekkers there are three passes Everest trekking where you have to pass Renjo-la, cho-la and Kamba-la. Everest treks give you the grand chances the photography, observing the sherpa unique culture by staying the sherpa village.

There are choices of the good lodges in Everest Nepal trek. since the premier climber Tenzing Norgey and Admund Hillary kisses the top of summit of Everest since that more tourist  visit the Everest region. Many attempt to climb the Everest since it is discover the highest mountain in the world.Everest trekking Nepal leave the memorable in life and sense of the historical Everest trek document of Tenzing norgey, Admund Hillry as well as Malory whose dead bodies meet  near to the summit. Actually history of the Malory gives the mysterious either he was the  first Everest submitter of fantastic Mt. Everest.

Trekking Everest become our glorious travel in the planet and set a valuable history in the life. Lukla the 15 adventurous airport in the world, domestic plane running by the Yeti airliens, agni airlines, sita airlines. When you fly from Kathmandu plane up and downs like a swang in the swing. In the gorges of the Everest himalaya there are tiny airport from their begining the Everest treks. You meet encounterly 2800 m height after flying the kathmandu airport , it is just 1300 m from the sea level.Namche Bazzar sherpa capital and business hub places of the village of the sherpas. It is also saying that doorway of the trekking everest.

In the Everest treks you meet the famous trekking point and sherpa village: Lukla, phakding, monju, Jorsallae, Namche Bazzar, Khumjung, kunde, Thamo, Thame, Phuki tanga, Tanbouche, Debouche, Panbouche, somare, Dinbouche, Tanbouche, chukung, Thukla, lobuche, Gorakshep, Italian piramid, Phortse, Phortse thanga, Dole, Machermo, gokyo.

Flora and Fauna in the Everest base camp Trekking:

Chir pine, junipers, hemlock, blue pine, rhododendrons are the common flora or plant in the Everest trekking. Impean pheasants highlighted among the birds. Varities of the deer such as barking deer, musk deer and Himalayan thar are common  Mammals in the trekking Everest. Yak you can see grazing in the slopy Everest mountains foothhills. You can see dwarf Yak carrying the loads of the tourist and grains, cooking gas.This animals also called the Joke.

Beside the mt. Everest there are many other beautiful mountain that add the super beautiful Everest trekking:







Island Peak

Mera peak

lobuge Peak

Everest trekking informaiton,  permission, permit  and itinery:

Main attracton of  the Everest treking is Everest base camp theoratically but practically Kalapather, gokyo valley are more beautiful and scenic. Everest base camp have just glacier and  famous for the base of the Mount. Everest. From Gorkshep tea houses to reach Everest base camp takes 2 hours walking distances. You can meet the Everest climbers who practise to walk ice and many tents of the diffrent climbers in the Everest base camp. Height of the Everest base camp is 5, 300 m from the sea level.

Kalapather, is the main view point which is nearest view point to see the Everest base camp. It is 5555m height from sea level above to the Gorkshep and 2 hours walking distance from the gorkshep to the top of the kalapather when climb up there. but you can decend within 45 minutes  very easily. kalapahter is 800 m  more heigher  than Gorkshep and 700 m more  heigher than Everest base camp.

Gokyo valley is beautiful and scenic lake and panaromic Gokyo ri from there 360 degree views fo the Everest panaromic ranges. To go to Everest base camp it  has challenging  a cho la pass , from Everest base camp to Gokyo valley also possbile to go by cho la pass. It is better to stay Zhong la if you are heading from Everst base camp to Gokyo valley. similarly, if you are going to Everest base camp via Gokyo valley , it is better  to stay in Thang na.

Everest Three passes ( 3 pass) Trekking connecting all parts of the Everest region. Kambala, Chola and Renjo la pass are the main passes joining all areas of the Everest region trekking in Nepal. Chukung  valley, Everst base camp, Kalapather, Gokyo valley and Thame  brings together. Our agency mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. give suggestion starting from Chukung valley then similtaneously  do the Three passes trekking of the Everest.

Classic village of the Everest trekking:Namche Bazzar is the main gate way and market places of the Everest trek, then Khumjung is the traditional business center of the tibetan people. similarly thame is the birth places of the Tenzing norgey sherpa , first climber of the mount. Everest. After that Panbouche, Phortse, Khunde, Lukla, charikharka are the Everst shepa  popular village.

Everst trekking permission: Timms  card, Everest national park fee are the Major documents for the Everest trekking. Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. recomendation the insurence which will be cover if incase helicopter evacuation and charter if sick or injury. Cost of the Everst  trekking timms card $10 usd and Everest national park entry fee Rs. 3000 Nepalese rupees.

Guide for the Everest base camp trekking:

License holder trekking guide who had already expreinced in the Everest trekking. Trekking guide have a full equiment, well describing power about the Everest trekking. specially trekking guide should have special capacity who can control the problem and management for this.

Focusing the Everest trekking:

Everest base camp is the most target point for the Everest region trekking Nepal. Everest base camp trekking can access from the Jiri  and lukla. In the Everest region there are multiple varities of the trekking, Everest base camp is most highlighted since Admun Hillary and Tenzing Norgey shepa climbing the mount. Everest in 1953. Many travellers said Gokyo valley is most beautiful than Everest base camp  even they are not satisfied if they are not been in the Everest base camp. From Kalapather there are visible the Everest base camp, Everest mountain peak,mt. Nuptse, Amadabalam etc. Everest three passes trekkers, Everest base camp trekkers, Gokyo valley trekkers all are not satisifed if they are not been in the Everest base camp. Itinerary of the Everest base camp trekking is 12 days if fly from kathmandu to lukla.

Everest trek have categorize many ways:

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp Chola pass Gokyo lake

Everest Base Camp trek with Island Peak climb

Amphu Lapcha La Pass & Mera Peak Adventure Treks

Gokyo Renjo la pass trekking

Jiri to Everest Base Camp - Kalapatther Trekking

mera Peak via Arun Valley

Jiri-everest base camp-chola pass

Trek to Everest

mount everest facts

EBC Three Passes Trekking

Jiri to Everest base camp trek

Jiri to Gokyo lake trek

Everest cho la pass trek

Gokyo lake to Everest base camp trek

Everest view trek

Everest panoroma Trek

Everest kalapather Trekking

Everest base camp renjo-la

Everest cultural trek

Everest Sherpa village trek

Phaplu to Everest base camp trek

Gokyo lake trek

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Everst base camp trek blog and day by day trek itinerary